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What is an Equipment Lease?

An Equipment Lease is a financial instrument that can be customized in a variety of ways to allow a business to acquire the use of new equipment through an affordable monthly payment. An Equipment Lease gives a business immediate access to revenue generating equipment at a fraction of the cost of purchasing it. This allows the business to multiply the productive power of its available assets, increasing the company’s ability to produce profit for its owners. At the end of the initial lease term, the business has the option to take ownership of the leased asset or renew the lease and upgrade the equipment.

Why Use a Lease?

Leases are the most beneficial financial product available for a business to employ when acquiring capital equipment. They deliver tremendous value to the companies that use them. Structured properly to fit your company’s needs an Equipment Lease provides unmatched value through their affordable payments, flexible structures, customization, tax savings, ownership options, and many other uniquely designed features. They are the best approach to acquiring capital equipment.

Equipment Leasing

Equipment Leases were designed to provide benefits that are not available to businesses through traditional forms of financing. They have been designed to facilitate increasing profitability, enable long-term growth, maintain owners credit, increase cash flow, all while providing regular access to capital. Apply Today and let us show you how using a lease to acquire your next piece of equipment will benefit your business!

Who Leases?

Businesses in the United States acquire over $200 Billion dollars of equipment through the use of Equipment Lease contracts each year. While these businesses range in size from sole proprietors to members of the Fortune 500, they all have something in common. They have discovered that leasing their capital equipment is a financial strategy that delivers unparalleled value to their business. Apply Today and discover this value for yourself!

Is Leasing Right For Your Business?

Leasing is a Fast, Simple, and Smart way for any business to acquire equipment. Because leases have many different forms and structures it is important that you understand which options will provide the most value for your business. Apply Today and one of our talented Account Managers will take the time to evaluate your needs and provide you with solutions specifically tailored to your next equipment acquisition.

Have you found a piece of equipment you want to buy?

We can help with:

Business Financing
Equipment Leasing
Truck Financing
Fleet Leasing
Medium Duty/Heavy Duty Vehicle Leasing

If you're trying to locate specialty equipment, we will help you get the financing you need once it's found. Let us help with locating financing for:

Construction Equipment
Medical Equipment
Asphalt Grinders
Transportation Equipment
Refrigerated Trailers (Reefer)
Car Haulers
Dry Vans
Dump Beds
Transfer Dumps
Tow Beds …and much more!

Want to own the equipment you lease? Lease with Snider!

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