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ARB issues reminder to brokers, forwarders, shippers, receivers, carriers, and drivers on transport refrigeration unit requirements

Brokers, forwarders, shippers and receivers that hire refrigerated carriers to transport perishable goods on California highways and railways are reminded that they must only hire carriers that have certified to the hiring business entity that they will only dispatch TRUs that are in compliance with California Air Resources Board’s (ARB) Transport Refrigeration Unit (TRU) Regulation.


The compliance deadline for model year 2009 TRU and TRU generator set engines to meet the TRU Regulation’s in-use performance standards was December 31, 2016.  Model year 2002 and older TRU and TRU generator set engines that previously met a less stringent in-use performance standard would also have to meet a more stringent in-use performance standard by December 31, 2016, if they continue operate in California.  ARB is aware that some TRU and TRU genset engines have not been brought into compliance by the December 31, 2016, deadline, so they cannot legally be hired to operate in California.


Brokers, forwarders, shippers and receivers that hire refrigerated carriers that will operate in California must use due diligence in hiring only compliant carriers and must provide documents to the carriers they hire that show who hired them.

Refrigerated carriers must only dispatch compliant equipment if it will operate in California and they must provide their drivers with documents showing who hired them.  Drivers must, upon request by authorized personnel, provide those documents showing who hired the carrier.

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